Inspires Creativity, Imagination and Coordination.

Genii Creation was created in 2007 as the global marketing and sales subsidiary company of Orda Korea, which is one of the leading Children’s Education companies in Korea.

Orda Korea has been at the forefront of Children’s Education industry in Korea since its founding in 1992.  Based on Orda Korea’s company philosophy of “love” and “creativity”, Orda Korea always strives to reach higher goals in Children’s Education through the development and introduction of innovative educational tools, services, and programs to enhance the educational standards of the global youth.  Currently, Orda Korea is supplying our unique and innovative educational products and services in Korea, Japan, China, and now the United States of America.

Our key flagship product for global distribution is the Magnetic Blocks that was first invented by Orda Korea and has a patent in 44 countries worldwide.  Magnetic blocks use our patented revolving-magnet technology where these north/south-pole-agnostic magnets are implanted in strategically placed locations on wooden blocks to allow the wooden blocks to “stick” together to form a more permanent fixture when building figures or objects.  This additional feature allows children to be more expressive and creative using building blocks compared to conventional wooden blocks.  These Magnetic blocks can be used as toys, educational tools, interior design tools, architectural tools, and therapy tools in medicine.

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