Intelligence is partly born and partly developed. HERE is the perfect way to increase your children’s creativity, spatial sense, hand-eye coordination, and emotional stability by playing with and building objects with Genii Creation Magnetic Blocks.

Genii Creation Magnetic Blocks are wooden building blocks with specially designed and patented built-in magnets which allow the wooden blocks to be attached together with polarity-free to help children better visualize and maintain the objects they have built. This allows children to build more permanent projects instead of worrying about the structures falling apart like regular blocks.

The “Clicking” sounds made by the “revolving magnets” add a musical dimension to the product which makes playing with the magnetic blocks somewhat soothing and more enjoyable.


The upper stage set the kids are at, the more they come to realize that they could create numerous things by combining geometric patterns. The numerous different types of circular, square, triangular, rectangular, and hexagonal magnetic blocks allow various objects to be made with round, curving, and straight edges.


Children’s creativity and imagination can be enhanced simply by playing with the Magnetic Blocks

Let’s have a look what they can turn out when combined!


Magnet Blocks


Magnet and Wood


Solid, Surface, Spot, Line


Geometric figure


Expressing diverse and specific figure

Laying, Ranging
Adjusting side
Turning round and round, Moving
Linking each line
Expressing twisted forms

Patented revolving – magnet technology

As well as the domestic patent, the international patent application is currently in procedure in 44 countries worldwide including US, Japan, and Europe.

Its unique character

1   Geometric Figure

2   Non reciprocal action of magnet

3   Acquisition of CE safety approval

4   Beech wooden block

5   Easy adjustment for block to block

6   The magnet location of scientific figure

All the safety qualification are approved by CE.

- Manufactured according to the international standard
   dimension (1/inch)
- 100% made of Monadenium wood
- Coated with the paint 100% chemical free
- Fine polish washing work of the surface for its long
  lasting softness

 ■ About Magnetic Block










Connect blocks in various directions

Combine straight and curved blocks to form different objects

Magnetic pieces attach easily alongside the blocks

Create visually detailed replicas









Create geometric and abstract forms

Create real-world objects

Create both 2-D and 3-D objects




Great educational impact of Magnet block

1. By adjusting simple plain wooden block to one or another, it characterizes each block and enables kids to meet the satisfaction
    over their desire of creativity.

2. Escalating and Varying fields of creativity and actually enabling kids to freely express their world of creativity.

3. The closer, kids reach to what they intend to make, they learn the difference of each shape of block and at thee same time
    gain deep observation behavior.

4. Kids, while plying magnet block, they come to perfectly understand size and location of the things they intend to make and to
    achieve higher ability in space perception.